Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Earthquakes…

…that aren’t so little in some parts of the world. We’re still so blessed. Ilocos was hit yesterday with a 6.8. My parents are fine but I worry. Their house is on a hilly terrain, far from the coastline, so the view’s great and their safe from tsunamis but what of earthquake induced landslide? During the 7.7 back in ’92 there had been a landslide and part of the house was buried. 

Well, I guess we should all keep praying for the safety of everyone we love.

Awhile ago at work we felt our building shake and we half-ran down 11 flights of stairs (but not before updating our facebooks and twitters!) Gosh, when are things gonna calm down? Tonight I’m going to sleep fully clothed—in case I need to run outside in the middle of the night. Be safe everyone.  

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