Monday, January 24, 2011


Food obsessions change over time. Mine tend to veer on the intense side: I indulge on whatever food obsession I happen to have as much as I can, as often as I can – until I get too sick of it, I don’t crave it for another year or so.

This time last year I was eating dulong with everything, in every meal, everyday. Melba toast, rice, bread, crackers, on its own… My supply ran out and I haven’t had, or craved for it since. It’s due for a comeback pretty soon.

Food obsession du jour: hakao and taro puffs. Now I‘ve always loved hakao and taro puffs but lately I’ve been going to chinese restaurants way more usual.

During one such visit I was told they’ve ran out of taro puffs. I was devastated. Nothing upsets me more than food deprivation, especially when I set my heart on something I’m suddenly told I can’t have. Toni, God bless him, sensing my distress, offered to go to the restaurant next door to order taro puffs. I told him it was unnecessary, if only because the restaurant next door was not Chinese, but Japanese! Close enough, he said and tried anyway. I didn’t get my taro puffs that night,  but he’s sweet, isn’t he?

The photos are NOT from the aforementioned Chinese restaurant, but from Tin Hau (Mandarin Oriental). Do check out their weekend Yum Cha Menu, it’s to die for. Yum, yum, yum. Toni and I had our third date (Chinese New Year three years ago!) in Mandarin, so it’s really a special place for us. <3

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